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How to Activate: To activate the Minecraft key go to https://minecraft.net/user/redeem and click "register for a Mojang account" or log in if...

How to Activate:

  • To activate the Minecraft key go to https://minecraft.net/user/redeem and click "register for a Mojang account" or log in if you already have an account.
  • Choose "redeem gift code or prepaid card" option and type in your code.
  • Please remember to type the key without spaces nor pauses.
  • Minecraft (PC) is a digital product- no box included. The code must be activated on the official Minecraft website.
Why should you buy?
  • You are creative
  • You want to know why Minecraft is so popular
  • You want to play exclusive game modes not available in other Minecraft versions

Minecraft is more than one of the most popular video games of all time -it's a pop culture phenomenon. Millions of players appreciate that it allows unleashing creativity and shaping worlds.  

Minecraft Java Edition

If you want the original version of Minecraft, then Java Edition is for you. Enjoy all the classic features as well as new ones added since the game's release. Learn why new players are still falling in love with Mojang Studios' bestseller.

World's favorite game

In Minecraft, you can build and explore unique, procedurally generated 3D open words. You've got countless possibilities, including minging, crafting, fighting mobs, and creating breathtaking structures. Building with Minecraft bricks is like playing with Lego bricks - the only limit is your imagination!

Game modes

Minecraft Java Edition offers you diverse game modes. If you just want to unleash your creativity, build and explore, chose Creative mode. In this mode, you don't have to worry about resources, and your avatar is invulnerable. You may, therefore, enjoy the pure Minecraft magic without anything limiting your imagination. Survival is suitable for players who don't mind a little challenge. This time there are health and hunger bars. Besides, you must gather resources, use proper tools and beware of hazards such as aggressive mobs. If you want to explore maps created by the Minecraft community, Adventure mode is there for you. 

Furthermore, there are two game modes exclusive to Minecraft Java Edition. Spectator mode changes you into a ghost, so you can neither interact with blocks nor use your inventory. On the other hand, you can walk through structures and enter the perspective of other players and NPC as well.

The Hardcore mode, by contrast, is the most challenging of all Minecraft game modes. It even contains permadeath, so when the player's avatar dies, the player switches to the Spectator mode or deletes the map.

  • Procedurally generated 3D open words
  • Limitless possibilities - you can do or build whatever you want
  • Diverse game modes
  • Skins and mods created by the community
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Minecraft - Java Edition Official website CD Key

Regular price €15,79